Closet Systems Addison

Closets are more than just a place to store your wardrobe. They're a way of life, a way to keep things stored, and the first step to maintaining organization in your life. At California Closets, we provide our customers with anything related to closets and beyond. We offer an array of design options, accessories, storage solutions and innovative organizing ideas that will make your wardrobe more accessible and your experience more pleasant.

Addison Closet Systems That Meet Your Needs

Here are just a couple of reasons why our closet systems will meet your specific needs:

Accessories For Everything

Addison closet systems are known for the accessory storage options they provide our customers. We offer tie, belt and scarf racks that help organize those miscellaneous items that tend to get lost in your closet. We also provide options for storing your jewelry in velvet lined drawers, which can also be separated by customizable dividers.  This helps keep things in their respective place and prevents your closet from becoming a mess. Want to keep your shoes in order? We offer innovative shoe racks and poles that will easily keep all your shoes in one area where they will be easily accessible and out of the way. 

Expert Designers

California Closets has a great team of experienced designers that will collaborate with you to turn your closet into a practical and efficient space. Your personal designer will guide you in the right direction and help you optimize the potential of your closet. He or she will first start out by getting a sense of what your needs are, then work with you to decide on what options will work best in your space. Your designer will surely inspire new ideas that will grant you more than what you bargained for.

California Closets Will Optimize Your Space

Addison closet systems are built with you in mind. Leveraging the expertise of our experienced designers, we provide our customers with a personal experience that is catered to their specific needs. Give us a call and tell us your needs today!