Wall Beds Ada County

Spending time with family and good friends is one of life’s great pleasures. When they’re visiting from out of town, though, accommodating them can be a little tricky. One innovative solution is to make your home a little more welcoming and a lot more practical with the help of wall beds Ada County from California Closets.

The Luxury of Wall Beds Ada County

Wall Beds Ada County Adapt to You

The wall bed is a terrific addition to any residence, whether it’s a three-room apartment or a four-bedroom house.  They instantly transform a home office, den or even just a nook into a comfortable, convenient sleeping place for guests.  Designed to work in harmony with whatever a room’s function during the day,  Ada County wall beds can blend seamlessly into the décor and style of your home.

A Welcome Bit of Progress

Wall beds have a come a long way since the original clunky Murphy beds of yesteryear.  Difficult to set up, difficult to put away and often a trial to sleep on, they were a necessary evil for space-challenged homes.  A California Closet wall bed is a different story altogether.  Simple to use with smooth opening and closing action, a custom-made wall bed of Ada County is built for easy operation and maximum comfort, a bed you can offer your guests with pride and pleasure.

Gracious Hosting is Just a Call Away

Right now there’s a space in your home just waiting to be converted into an area of convenience and gracious living.  Schedule a complimentary in-home appointment with a wall beds Ada County specialist from California Closets today; “Why don’t you stay the night?” will never be so easy to say.