Garage Storage Abbotsford

We've all been there--watching as the garage door pulls open slowly to reveal a mess that won't allow for our cars to be pulled in. This is common these days; the garage being used as overflow. What this means, however, is that the wealth of possibilities for this versatile space are fully and indiscriminately squandered. Garage storage Abbotsford from California Closets is just the medicine that your garage needs. With a calculated combination of accessories and a brilliant and space-saving layout, we'll help you unleash the best of this former afterthought. No longer will this be the go-to space for overflow; instead, it will be a usable home for your car as well as other activities.

Garage Storage Abbotsford To Increase Versatility

Make That Hobby Mess

If you're a craftsman, painter, or gardener, finding a place to house all of your messy tools is impossible if your garage is out of commission. California Closets can equip your garage storage Abbotsford with a space to create the perfect workbench that you can use to go crazy! With a dedicated home for those fun forays that tend to involve missing pieces or long cleanups, you'll be able to get right down to business with racks, shelves, and cupboards dedicated to your favorite pastimes.

Bikes Elevated

If you take advantage of the beautiful British Columbia bike paths, then you may be familiar with the struggle that comes with storing your equipment. Your garage storage Abbotsford can include mounted bike racks that keep your expensive pieces of gear off of the floor. This way, you'll be able to store things where your bikes previously took up space, while also preventing expensive dings on your car!

The Many Uses of Garage Storage Abbotsford

There are many ways to personalize your garage storage Abbotsford; you'll just have to give us a call to find out how! We're standing by with a free in-home design consultation.