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Have you been in the search for the missing ingredient in your home?  Often times, the most subtle part is what makes the recipe complete.  By subtle, we’re talking California Closets Wilmette products! The thing you don’t ever have to look at or use but which can optimize your home if designed properly.

Your Closet Awaits

If you’ve never thought of a closet as a home improvement choice in your household, listen up! A Wilmette closet is a fully customized organizer and storage solution which is designed by you.  Our expert consultants will assess your wants and needs and help draw up your blueprints!

Closet Magic

A closet is a magical place.  With Wilmette closets, the magic is all about you, as they're customized to whatever specific needs and wants you have.  It's all about balance -- if you are more of a style oriented person, we work to create a wardrobe which suits your fancy.  If you are looking for a space to place your memories, paperwork, or other storage needs, we’ll build the best storage unit you can get.  Either way, we use hangers, racks, bins, shelves, and many other tools to get the job done.

Beauty on a Budget

If you are on a budget, a Wilmette closet may be the perfect home improvement solution.  We say this because we have countless years experience providing the best bang for the buck of any project.  We source our high quality materials locally, install fast and cheap, and specific to your needs, which means that your closet will come into your life suddenly yet feel like it was there all along.  Your wallet won’t be that much lighter, either!

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