Wall Beds Westport

Our custom built Westport wall beds are especially designed with your home or apartment’s aesthetic in mind. We are a premier closet company in your region and take our manufacturing and customer service with the utmost seriousness. Whether you live in an expansive and vast estate or a cozy urban apartment, our professionals can double the space of your room by designing an elegant, custom, and lightweight Westport wall bed. Give us the chance to help you achieve the room makeover of your dreams!

The Westport Wall Bed for You

We are the industry leading closet company in your region. Our Westport wall beds seamlessly and instantaneously fold up into the wall and disappear right in front of your eyes. Your friends and neighbors would never know unless you told them. Our professional consultants will help you make your design and storage space dreams come true. Your napkin sketches or magazine clippings can become a reality with our expertise design and impeccable customer service. Our Westport wall beds can be designed for any home, office, or both!

Before you make a purchase, call our locally-owned California Closets branch and ask for a Westport wall bed consultation. Our professional designer will arrive at your home and offer suggestions and advice based on your needs, design ideas, aesthetic, and budget. We will not rest until the job is done perfectly and to your specifications.

Your Free Consultation

We will accompany you every step of the way. We are a locally owned business. We are a nationally recognized brand with a highly respected reputation for customer service. We are unrivaled in our design expertise. Westport wall beds are the ultimate in modern and fashionable design and are installed quickly by local vendors.