Custom Closets West Atlanta

How was your closet looking this morning? Were your clothes in cramped piles making it difficult to find the outfit you wanted to wear today? Imagine an open accessible closet space that has all your unique items stored in a perfect place so they are safe, ventilated and easily visible when you want to find them next. There is no better way to maximize every inch of your closet space then with custom closets from California Closets West Atlanta. Their in-store design team will work with you to identify not only the clothes and specific items you need to store but how you would like your closet to function. You will discover spaces and storage solutions you never thought possible.

West Atlanta Custom Closets: The benefits of having Custom Closets in your home

Consider some of these benefits of a custom closet in your West Atlanta home.

More Space

Custom closets are designed specifically to maximize your space with shelving, hanging and drawers to accommodate all aspects of your wardrobe no matter how small or unconventional the space. You will discover spaces and storage solutions you never thought possible.

Saves Time

Within a custom closet system, everything has its place and you can find the garment you need quickly. You won’t waste time looking through piles for something you know is hiding somewhere in your closet.


An organized and flowing custom closet system has a true feeling of elegance and sophistication. It looks beautiful in your home.

Increases Home Value

Custom closets are high on the list of features that prospective homebuyers are looking for. Realtors are keen to point out the custom closets in the master bedroom because they know they’ll be able to close the deal at a higher price.

Benefits your clothes

The optimized space of a custom closet not only help visibility and accessibility to your clothes, the additional space means you will have good ventilation meaning your clothes will be fresh. Storing shoes together also means no more searching through piles looking for a lost match.

Visit California Closets West Atlanta today and let one of the friendly in-store designers take you through the many options to revolutionize your space with a custom closet.