Wayzata Wall Beds: Classic and Beatiful Storage Solutions

Today more than every, space in your home is at a premium. No matter what size your house, if you are in a studio apartment or a large family home, every inch counts. California Closets is always developing new and innovative ways to optimize your space. Their designers are constantly brainstorming new and improved storage solutions - and while they will freely admit that technology and innovation is important, sometimes the best solutions are those that have been around for over a hundred years. One amazing space saving solution is a Wall Bed, sometimes known as a Murphy Bed. This is a bed attached to the wall in a room that folds away (usually folds up parallel to the wall) clearing the floor space so it can be used for other purposes during the day. The Wall Bed then folds down at night when it’s time to sleep. Wall beds were developed in the early 1900's in high density metropolitan cities like Manhattan and San Francisco where apartment living was the norm. But they are becoming increasingly popular in Wayzata homes as people are seeing the many benefits of wall beds.

Wall Beds Wayzata: Imagine All That Extra Space!

California Closets Wayzata has a wide selection of wall beds that are both classic in design and state of the art in their functionality.

Consider some of these benefits of installing a California Closets wall bed in the bedrooms in your Wazatta home.

- Space creation. Imagine how much more spacious your rooms would be without a giant bed taking up the room. Wall beds create a lot of additional floor space.

- It blends easily in with your other furnishings. Wall beds come in a wide variety of finishes and styles that can easily blend in with your room’s existing decor.

- Ease of use. You might think lifting up a bed will be heavy. California Closets wall beds have a spring system that makes them very light to lift up and pull down. Their wall beds fold seamlessly into and out of their storage space.

- Allows for more activities. You will have more space for exercising, playing with your kids and pets or doing arts and crafts. You will also have more space for your home office.

Visit California Closets Wayzata today and let one the friendly in-store designers show you how a wall bed in your home will transform your space.