Wayzata Custom Closets: Exactly What You Wanted

No matter if you live in an apartment in downtown or a large family house outside of the city - every square foot of space is precious. Life just keeps getting busier, and life creates clutter. Having a space that is designed specifically to store your items in exactly the way you want them, will transform your life. Wayzata residents are discovering more and more the benefits of custom closets from California Closets Wayzata. California Closets Wayzata can design a custom closet for any room in your house. They have an amazing selection of custom pantry storage, garage storage, mud room, bathroom, linen closets, wine storage and many more storage solutions for any room in your house. California Closets Wayzata has been the leading provider of custom closets to the residents of Wayzata for over 20 years. The California Closets name is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, high quality locally sourced materials and impeccable customer service. This coupled with a deep understanding of Minnesota homes means they provide a custom closet and storage product that cannot be matched anywhere else - at very competitive prices.

Custom Closets Wayzata: The Benefits of Custom Closets

Consider some of the many benefits of custom closets from California Closets Wayzata.


A custom closet gives a true feeling of elegance and beauty to a room. It is designed not just to fit the space, but to flow in the room, capturing the light and ventilation. Pre-assembled kit set storage solutions that are not designed to fit a particular room can look clunky. Custom storage is both functional and beautiful.


A custom closet from California Closets Wayzata is designed to ensure you live in your home exactly as you want to. No two homes are the same and your daily needs may be completely different to your neighbours. A custom closet is personalized just for you.

Home Value

Potential home buyers will take note. A recent national survey of homebuyer preferences found that 50% of all homebuyers wanted custom storage solutions in a new home. Custom storage will significantly increase the value of your home.

Custom Crafted

California Closets Wayzata manufactures their products locally at a plant in Mineapolis. Manufacturing locally not only ensures exceptional quality it also means there are no boundaries in what they can custom make for your home.

Stop by and visit California Closets Wayzata today and let one of the in-store designers take you through the endless possibilities to transform your Wayzata home.