Wayzata Closet Systems: Creating New Space

How did you day start today? Did you jump out of the shower feeling fresh and ready to go only to be confronted with cramped piles of clothes in your closet (or on the floor) that you have to sort through before you can find that one outfit you want to wear? If this sounds familiar - you are not alone. Closet organization is difficult and many Wayzata homes have closets that are not optimized to their full extent. The solutions to a more organized closet is never just - "I need to get rid of everything and start again". The solution is to create space you never knew you had in your closet with smart closet systems. California Closets Wayzata has an excellent range of closet systems that can be customized not just to store your clothes but to function exactly as you want. If your vintage t-shirt collection is your prized possession you can create extra hanging space to keep them fresh and protected, if you are a shoe fashionista you may want to create more shoe storage space. Their in-store design team will work with you to identify not only the clothes and specific items you need to store but how you would like your closet to function. You will discover spaces and storage solutions you never thought possible.

The Benefits of Wayzata Closet Systems

If you have a walk in, reach in, or an unconventional closet space in any room in your home, you can transform how you use that space with a custom closet system from California Closets Wayzata.

Consider some of the many benefits of closet systems.

Personalized to you

The advantage of a custom-designed closet systems, over store bought shelves and cabinets, is that they are personalized to fit your space and to suit your personal needs.

Customized to fit any space

You may have a sloping roof, box shaped closet or an empty space you want to transform – anything is possible.


Visibility is key to any organized space. Closet systems allow you to store your clothes so they are visible and accessible. Everything you need is right there at a glance when you need it.

Optimize the space

Optimizing your space is another great benefit of closet systems. You will be amazed at the additional closet space you never knew you had. Many Minneapolis homes have a large amount of vertical space that is often underestimated and underutilized.

Transform your closet and your life today with a closet system from California Closets Wayzata. Stop by today and let one of the in-store designers take you through the many options available right now.