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Warren has been rated as one of the top ten places to live in the entire United States by CNN. Residents know how to live together and develop a solid community. Warm homes are the basis for a good community and quality closets are the basis for warm Warren homes. California Closets has been providing customized storage solutions to the Warren area for 26 years running.

Warren Closets Are a Basis For Good Community

Follow our logic for a moment. Harmony on a community and neighborhood level is based on the functioning of many smaller components. Each of our lives affects the wider society. A basic unit is the family, and the home is an inseparable part of that. Navigating the division of responsibilities and sharing common space is challenging, but rewarding. The basic layout of any room, as well as its overall ambiance, is influenced greatly by closets and furniture.

Let your Warren closets act as treasure chests, and your family life will truly be magical. We can provide an upgrade for any room, from the bedroom and children’s room to the garage and kitchen. Whatever the purpose of the room, you know what you want out of your closets is quality and specialization. The generic one-size-fits-all solutions end up not fitting anyone.

We offer a lifetime warranty, so you know we mean quality. As for customization, we have been defining the custom closets industry since its inception over 30 years ago, and the innovation continues. The premise on which we operate is that the better closet we make for Warren residents and everybody else, the more harmony and order will come to their home.

The Mission of Warren Closets

We take our mission very seriously. As a responsible business, we do our part in providing for the community. Doing what we do best, we give Warren households some peace of mind with quality closets.



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United States

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Bernardsville Showroom

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