Pairing Your Wall Bookcase with Your Personality

With so many different wall bookcase designs and options, it may be hard to even know where to start. A good strategy to get started in the right direction is to think about how your wall bookcase choice reflects your personality and tastes.

What does your wall bookcase say about the books it holds?

A wall bookcase can dominate the tone of your room and its design can dictate what you choose to put on its shelves. What does the design of your wall bookcase say about your literary tastes and about you?

  • 1. The Erudite Lawyer

The Barrister bookcase is designed to hold sets of large, old tomes containing thousands of pages of legal precedents and arguments. Encyclopedia volumes, atlases and old novels also pair well with the Barrister bookcase's learned feel. Glass or wood panels slide out and in front of shelves of this type of wall bookcase to keep out dust and preserve the books. This is especially helpful if, like most lawyers, your ancient and respectable volumes don't receive much use because they are more for impressing guests and clients than for actual research.

  • 2. The Collector

Books aren't the only thing that can be displayed on a wall bookcase. Avid collectors know that sometimes books can serve as framing for artistic or sentimental objects and collections. A wall bookcase intended primarily for display purposes might utilize glass shelving and lighting to highlight its contents. Bookcases focused on holding curios, art or antiques will often have adjustable shelves to facilitate unique items and sets.

  • 3. The Taos Southwesterner

The relaxed, simple lines of mission style furniture pair well with Southwest-influenced literature and art. A southwestern wall bookcase with thin, wide wooden panels can naturally hold a collection of novels like Ed Abbey's Desert Solitaire or Wallace Stegner's Big Rock Candy Mountain. This southwestern design will easily be rounded out by well-placed Georgia O'Keefe piece or pottery from Taos, New Mexico.

  • 4. The Cat in the Hat

A wall bookcase can go a long way in making a child's playroom or den comfortable and bright. Large cubby-like shelf units can hold larger Benerenstein Bears or Dr. Seuss picture books. High gloss, white finishing is both easy to clean in the inevitable event of a spill and can highlight the bright colors of toys that find a home in this more practical and fun bookcase option.

  • 5. The Sleek Storage Pragmatist

Sometimes, a wall bookcase is really just needed to hold books. Rather than focus on the display capabilities that lighting and large shelves bring, the practical among us need a larger number of shelves and drawers that are still easily accessible for frequent usage. An oak wood veneer increases the flexibility of design that is needed when your shelves are piled with a diverse array of knickknacks, family photos and books.

A Wall Bookcase That Fits the Way You Live

At California Closets, we believe that your home is as unique as your life. Finding a wall bookcase that matches your personality and preferences is an important part of making your home comfortable, balanced, and peaceful.

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