Our Team

California Closets Design Consultants are trained to provide you with a distinct and unique storage design that embraces your belongings and the way you use your living spaces. A broad array of color and finish options, and accessories, will beautifully integrate your storage solution into your home décor and the life you lead. The combination of design skill and product choice creates a customized solution that responds to your needs and wishes exactly.

Sue Knox, Master Design Consultant and Trainer

My customers tell me that I love my job.  In fact I am passionate about it.  There is nothing more satisfying than supplying a solution for a space and then seeing the customer's delight at having not only a functional, but also a beautiful place to put everything.  Everyone has "stuff", it is a part of life, but finding a place to store it is where I can help.

Sue Lashmore, Sales and Design Consultant

As one of the principal designers with California Closets  I bring extensive experience and passion for the job. I'm known for the ability to blend needed storage solutions with the design aesthetic that best defines the client's space.Listening, creating and problem solving are hallmarks of my practice.Be it a home, work space, residential development or any organizational need, I am excited by the uniqueness & challenge each project brings. I love working with California Closets and look forward to working with you! 

Danielle LaPointe, Sales and Design Consultant

A fascination for all things organized, an art education from Emily Carr College of Art & Design and a diploma of Interior Decorating, plus a sincere interest in people makes being a Design Consultant with California Closets my dream career. Not only do I get to create functional and beautiful spaces which allow me to use my talents and education but the best part of all is meeting some truly wonderful and interesting people.

Karen Petraschuk, Sales and Design Consultant

What I love about being a Design Consultant is hearing the excitement in my customer’s voice when they talk about how much of a difference their system has made in their lives. I also love puzzles so this career was an easy choice for me. What makes me successful is I believe there’s a place for everything and everything has its place. I piece together the specific needs of my customers and design a system that is not only perfect for their storage needs and personalities, but also ideal for their homes.

Tara Blanchet, Sales and Design Consultant

As an Interior Designer I have 10 years experience helping people find the perfect look for their homes. I’m naturally curious and love helping my clients fit their whole life into their space. Therefore working for California Closets is the perfect fit for me. I love seeing the excitement on my clients’ faces when they see that not only can they fit everything in, but it looks wonderful too.

Christina Longhi, Sales and Design Consultant

I love working with people and want to ensure I give every customer a quality design solution that fits their unique space and way of life. I take the time to listen to my customers to discover their vision, and then design accordingly.

David Adamian, Sales and Design Consultant

With over 17 years of design experience in the architectural millwork industry and a degree in Project Management, I work with every customer to fully understand their needs and I take great pride in designing the perfect solution for them. I'd like to thank you for inviting me into your home and I promise that in working together, we will bring your dreams to reality. We will transfer your vision of an organized life and organized spaces into a custom solution that fits your lifestyle. 

Sharlene Raffard, Sales & Design Consultant

I love being organized, having a place for everything and knowing where to find it – this is when I am at my best!  My goal is to create spaces that will help you be your best and are a reflection of you, your lifestyle, and personality. I approach each new space as an exciting puzzle - the pieces are understanding your style, habits and how you work and play.  The final product is a design that allows you to be ready for every opportunity that comes your way.  

Helen Sullivan, Sales and Design Consultant

Design is in Helen’s DNA. She's developed a discerning eye for design and knowledge of the arts through her extensive study – including a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queens University, her work with a leading fashion designer, photography, and global travel.Organization has always been important in Helen’s daily life. She gets excited about being organized, and she loves having the opportunity to help others overcome the challenges of organizing their belongings. 

Chris Beeson, Sales and Design Consultant

"With many years of experience delightfully serving individuals from different walks of life, including very high end establishments, I pride myself on my ability to genuinely understand my clients' needs and deliver on their expectations of personable service and high attention to detail.

Claudia Duffield, VP Sales & Marketing

"It is my pleasure and joy to guide my clients through our process. I love to discover what people need and want in a space, how they expect their home improvement projects to go, and what makes them tick.I bring a lot of passion to work with me every day. Passion for organization and efficiency, passion for understanding my clients and creating gorgeous systems that are extremely functional. Passion for changing lives.

John Duffield, VP Operations

John is a well known expert in custom cabinet manufacturing in British Columbia, and has been a key contributor to California Closets Vancouver's success since its beginning in 2000. In 2008 he joined us full time. His unique knowledge and obssessive commitment to only bringing in extremely efficient, environmentally friendly and superior quality materials as well as state of the art manufacturing processes and equipment to our business makes him a unique asset to our team.

Jenny Sargent, Customer Liaison

Jenny has been with California Closets Vancouver for a year and a half as a Customer Liaison. Having been in the customer service industry for a number of years, she really enjoys being the initial contact for our clients. She is excited about the opportunity to inform our potential clients about everything California Closets has to offer including our second to none service.

Paige Adams, Showroom Manager & Sales & Marketing Assistant

Paige works closely with our team to provide customers with the best in storage solutions and service. With an educational background in Interior Design and Business, she loves that her role allows her to combine these two creative interests. She enjoys coordinating marketing events and promotions, and is passionate about supporting our team in providing exceptional service to clients. 

Christi Hall, Customer Liaison

 Christi has a keen interest in organization on all facets of life and is excited to inspire potential clients with the possibilities that California Closets can create for them. With a strong background in customer service combined with a degree in Psychology, she is acutely aware of the integration of individuality, creativity, and ultimately, the highest degree of satisfaction for all clients. 

Don Forrest, Operations Coordinator

Don has over 8 years of experience as a Customer Liaison at California Closets Vancouver. Drawing on his education and experience in management and customer service Don finds interacting with customers and problem solving the most rewarding part of his career.

Steve Grummisch, Engineer

Steve has been with California Closets Vancouver since the very beginning, now with over 12 years of experience he has almost done it all from Production, Installation, and his current role in Engineering. He is instrumental in engineering the most complex system designs created by California Closets Vancouver. Prior to his work here Steve attended BCIT for Carpentry and soon after worked for a Plastic Fabrication Company. Steve finds his role at California Closets very satisfying because it is ever changing.

Phong Nguyen, Engineer / Programmer

Phong has over 8 years experience at California Closets and has held  positions in Production Management. Phong is currently a team member in the Engineering department and is Chief CNC Programer. He programs of the production machinery in the woodworking shop. Phong performed a key role in implementing the new and highly efficient machinery that California Closets Vancouver has recently added. Phong believes that the most rewarding part of his job is the continuous challenge.

Siamak Baghbani, Production Manager

Siamak has worked for the past 5 years in a well established kitchen cabinetry company. He began his career in our industry from the ground floor and was promoted through the years to the position of Production Manager. Siamak has a diploma in Communications Management and Data Management. Each day he is excited to come into work as he loves the custom nature of our business.

Sid Haeri , Production Team Member

Sid has over 5 years of experience working in Production at California Closets Vancouver. Sid finds the growth and continuous improvement in the Production department motivating and satisfying.

Sasha, Head Mascot

"I have a year of experience in what I like to call 'Office Moral Optimization'. Upon my arrival here at California Closets I instantly improved the already positive enviroment in the office. My daily activities include sunbathing, greeting employees as they arrive, and making sure everyone has finished eating. I have also more recently taken on the official role of cleaning the lunchroom floor. I'm always interested in where people are from and if they might have any 'friends' like me at home so I am always sniffing for clues.

Bella, Assistant Mascot

I work hard to assist Sasha in adding to our positive office morale. I brighten employees' days with my friendly, endearing nature and my irresistible puppy dog eyes. During the day I enjoy sleeping, cleaning the lunchroom floor, and giving our employees love and affection. I also eagerly await our designer Sue Knox's arrival, as she always has a box of treats for me.