Toy Storage Bins - Popular For A Reason

If you've ever walked into a kids room, play room, or nursery of a friend or relative, one of the first things you might notice is the plethora of toy storage bins. It almost seems like having a variety of toy storage bins is a requirement for being a real parent! But there is a reason why toy storage bins are so popular; they are extremely versatile, and they provide catch-all organization that both parents and children can easily adapt to and use on a daily basis.

Below are a few creative ways you can use toy storage bins in your own child's room.

3 Types of Toy Storage Bins

1. For games with lots of parts. Using plastic toy storage bins for storing Legos, game parts, or puzzle pieces is an optimal way to use toy storage bins. Often, with items like Lego bricks or construction toys which have different sizes, you'll want to organize them depending on the size. Toy storage bins in different shapes and sizes can be used to divide up these various parts and groups them according to color, function, and size.

2. Mobile storage. Are there toys that you want to store in the walk-in closet, but be able to lift up and bring downstairs, or wheel into the playroom? That's what mobile toy storage bins are for. They can be lightweight bins that slide into your closet organizer system and have handles for easy lifting and carrying, or it can be up to a dozen smaller toy storage bins that are arranged on a shelving system with wheels on the bottom. Whatever the mobility, you'll be happy with the flexibility.

3. Shallow trays. For a lot of items, like art supplies and crafts, toy storage bins are best when they are shallow and stacked on top of one another. Kids can then choose the tools they need without having to scrounge through a deep toy storage bin. This is not only more efficient in terms of time, but also safer. You don't want little hands digging through a deep bin that may contain sharp objects.

Toy Storage Bins from California Closets

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