Tonka Bay Wall Beds: Classic Storage Trends

Sometimes the best way to move forward with innovation is to look back at ideas from the past. In the 1900's a storage trend developed in population dense cities like Manhattan and San Francisco which transformed apartment living. This invention was a Wall Bed, or as it is sometimes called a Murphy Bed. A Wall Bed is a bed that is attached at the head to the wall in a room. When the bed is not in use it lifts up and can be folded away (usually folds up parallel to the wall) clearing up the floor space so it can be used for other purposes during the day. The Wall Bed then folds down at night when it’s time to sleep. Wall Beds are still popular for inner city living, but they are becoming increasingly popular in Tonka Bay homes as people are seeing the many benefits of having additional floor space during the day. Opportunities to work from home are becoming more and more popular – not only for self-employed professionals but many corporations are seeing the benefits of having employees work from their computer at home. Space in the home has never been more important.

Wall Beds Tonka Bay: Transform How You Live

California Closets Tonka Bay has a wide selection of wall beds of all sizes to fit any space in the home.

Consider some of these benefits of installing a California Closets wall bed in the bedrooms in your Tonka Bay home.

- Additional floor space. During the day your bedrooms can be free and flowing without a large bed dominating the center. Imagine what you can do with all that additional floor space!

- It blends easily with your other furnishings. Wall beds come in a wide variety of finishes and styles that can easily blend in with your room’s existing decor. You can custom the finish and look of a wall bed not just when it is folded away, but when it is down as a bed as well.

- Ease of use. Even though Wall Beds have been around for a hundred years, this doesn't mean Calfornia Closets Wall Beds don't have state of the art technology. You might think lifting up a bed will be heavy. California Closets wall beds have a spring system that makes them very light to lift up and pull down. Their wall beds fold seamlessly into and out of their storage space.

- Allows for more activities in your home. With all that free floor space in your home during the day imagine what you can do! Your bedroom can double as a play room, home office, or home library - the possibilities are endless.

Visit California Closets Tonka Bay today and let one the friendly in-store designers show you how a wall bed in your home will transform your space.