Tonka Bay Custom Closets: Both Elegant and Functional

There is something about a custom closet that gives a true feeling of elegance and beauty to a room. When you look at a closet that is designed specifically for your items and to flow exactly in your space it's easy to forget that it is a practical storage solution - it just looks so beautiful. Custom closets are not just for your bedroom. California Closets Tonka Bay can design a custom closet for any room in your house. They have an amazing selection of custom pantry storage, garage storage, mud room, bathroom, linen closets, wine storage and many more storage solutions for any room. Expert craftsmanship, high quality locally sourced materials and expert customer service are attributes that have made the California Closets name famous. This dedication to quality, matched with extensive experience in Tonka Bay homes means you will not get better custom storage solutions for your home than from California Closets Tonka Bay – at prices that can’t be beat.

Custom Closets Tonka Bay: Consider the Many Benefits

The benefits of a custom closet in any room in your home are enormous. Custom closets are designed not only to allow you to store your unique items, but also to function how you want. Consider some of the many benefits of Custom Closets from California Closets Tonka Bay.


Custom closets are both functional and beautiful. Custom closets give a true feeling of elegance to a room. Pre-assembled storage solutions that are not designed to fit a particular room can look clunky and out of place.


Every aspect of your custom storage is designed to fit your personal needs. You may prefer closed cupboards or you may prefer open shelving or any combination. You can literally transform the way you live in your home with custom storage solutions from California Closets Smyrna. some of the many benefits of custom storage.
No two homes are the same and the way you live in your home may be completely different to your neighbor. The Smyrna California Closets design team will work with you to identify your specific storage needs and come up with the best solution to optimize any space no matter how large, small or unconventional.

Home Value

A recent national survey of homebuyer preferences found that 50% of all recent homebuyers wanted custom storage solutions in a new home. Custom storage will significantly increase the value of your home.

Custom Crafted

Transform your home today. Stop in and talk to the in-store design team at California Closets Tonka Bay about the many custom closet storage solutions availabe today.