Closet Systems Staten Island

People often only think of Staten Island closets systems from California Closets as just tools to make the most out of the bedroom closets in their home. But in reality, a Staten Island closet system is much more--it can transform many other areas of the home far beyond the bedroom.

Thinking Beyond With Closet Systems Staten Island

Many of the beautiful homes in Staten island have laundry and utility rooms that tend to be somewhat forgotten by the otherwise design-conscious owners of the house. While the living, dining and bedrooms are well-appointed and up to date, oftentimes these utility rooms, though they are the hardest working areas of the home, get left many decades behind in design. A Staten Island closet system can work wonders in transforming these rooms and their storage spaces into something that is stylish while exuding a certain sense of timelessness in their functional beauty.

The truth of the matter is: a Staten Island closet system can transform even the smallest storage spaces.

Once a Staten Island closet system has rejuvenated your laundry room, you may want to start looking around your house and identifying areas where you could be getting more, either spatially or aesthetically. Two places that are often overlooked are linen closets and broom closets. A Staten Island closet system can turn a dirty broom closet into a beautiful storage area for board games, books and DVDs, while a linen closet with a new Staten Island closet system suddenly becomes more space efficient, clean and beautiful.

Complement Your Style With Closet Systems Staten Island

While it is true that a Staten Island closet system can rejuvenate all the closets in your home from broom cupboard to pantry, don’t go forgetting the bedroom closets. So while we encourage you to look beyond the bedroom for areas where a Staten Island closet system could help, we want to remind you not to forget them. Give us a call at California Closets today to find out more.