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When closets are doing their job well, they open up space in a room and create a welcoming environment. They have the dual role of being functional and at the same time providing an aesthetic backdrop to the décor of the room. California Closets means customized versatility that you need from your St. Louis closets.

Transform Your Home with Closets St. Louis

There are plenty of areas that are plagued by the shortcomings of store-bought closets. The most oddly shaped and oversized items always find themselves in the garage, for instance, and yet, simple cabinets are supposed to contain them. The result is often a room with piles of mess, where no car can fit.

If you want your storage areas to serve multiple purposes, then efficiency is the name of the game. Tailored to the specific demands of your lifestyle, job and hobbies, California Closets St. Louis units are customized to make the best use of the space available. Optimize your home storage configuration by eliminating dead space. The overhead space lining the ceiling of your bedroom closet is always a good candidate for added shelving--it's just a matter of getting it there! There is no nook or cranny too small for a custom storage job.

Perhaps more important than using all the space available is using the space you have more efficiently. Charged with acting as a hiding place for our possessions, leaving them untended only serves to slow you down in the future.

Improving Quality of Life with Closets St. Louis

The expert staff at California Closets specializes in bringing dreams and plans to fruition. They have seen countless clients through transformations of their home. All you have to do to get started is schedule a free design consultation to take place at your home. Let your imagination run wild!

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