Wall Beds Solana Beach: More Popular Than Ever

The Wall Bed, often known as a Murphy Bed, is a storage solution where a bed is attached to the wall in a room and then folds up into a closet space when it isn't needed completely freeing the floor space it would otherwise take up. The Wall Bed is a storage solution that has truly lasted the test of time. It was invented in the early 1900's as a space saving solution for downtown apartment living. This classic solution is a common addition to the layout of many apartments in metropolitan cities like New York and San Francisco - but it is also becoming popular in Solana Beach homes as people are discovering the added benefits of extra floor space. California Closets Solana Beach has an amazing range of Wall Beds that are both state of the art in functionality, and stylish in design. Stop by today and let one of the in-store designers show you how you can transform your bedroom spaces with a Wall Bed.

The Benefits Of Solana Beach Wall Beds

We could always do with a little more space in our home. A wall bed from California Closets Solana Beach will easily create additional floor space every day.

Consider some of the many benefits of wall beds:

- Space creation.

Your bed is certainly one of the most important features of your home - but it takes up a lot of space in your bedroom. Imagine how much more spacious your rooms will be when your bed can disappear whenever you want.

- Aesthetic.

California Closets is famous for storge solutions that not only serve a practical purpose but enhance the aesthetic of a home. Not only will a California Closets wall bed create open floor space, they also have many design options for finishes and colours. Your wall bed can be a bold creative statement in your home or subtle and flowing.

- Ease of use.

California Closets have perfected the spring technology in their wall bed spring systems. California Closets wall beds are very light and controlled to lift up and pull down.

- They can make any room a bedroom.

Wall beds can transform any space into a temporary bedroom. This is a great option for small, one-room apartments or if you often have guests sleep over but still want clear floor space.

- Transform how you use your space.

Imagine what you can do with all that extra floor space. Your bedroom can become a home office, libarary, fitness room, louge room, play room or any other functional space during the day. The possibilities are endless!

Stop by California Closets Solana Beach today and let us take you through the many wall beds available today that will transform your home.