Garage Storage Smyrna

Organization is essential in any space in your home. But the garage in many Smyrna homes is the place where good organization is the hardest to achieve. Your garage serves many more functions than just car storage. It’s the place you put large and bulky items that don’t fit inside the house. It’s also a place to keep yard and gardening tools; and occasional items like luggage, sporting equipment and Christmas decorations. Garage storage solutions are important as you want to protect your stored items from being damaged by a car pulling in or out, and you want to protect your car from being scratched by stray items.

Smyrna Garage Storage: Tranform your garage today!

It’s easy to let items pile up in your garage until the piles are so big you don’t know what’s in them anymore. Here are some tips from California Closets Smyrna for good garage storage.

1. First you need to have a sort through and take a load to the trash. You might have items you don’t use anymore – but still don’t want to throw out. Try having a garage sale, or donating to your nearest Goodwill, then you will have peace of mind knowing someone who needs it more than you is getting use out of your item. On your garage floor create a trash, donate, and keep pile.

2. In the keep pile. Sort the items into categories according to the type of item (sporting equipment, cleaning equipment etc) or by the time of year you will use them (winter, summer, Christmas). Put smaller items in boxes and label them so you can find them easily next time you need them.

3. Set up good garage storage solutions. Hooks on the wall are a great way to store garden and yard tools – keeping them off the ground is cleaner and helps to avoid them ending up in piles. Shelving units and boxes are great to store grouped items. Remember visibility is the key to garage storage – you need to see your items so you know where things are when you need them and also so you know items you don’t use anymore and get rid of them.

4. Consider custom garage storage solutions from California Closets Smyrna. There is no better way to optimize every inch of your garage storage space than with custom solutions. The in-store designers can take you through the many options available today. Stop by and set yourself on the path to a functional flowing garage!