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Like the tiny state of New Jersey, many of our homes are jam packed with just about everything under the sun. While that may facilitate a full and exciting lifestyle, it can sometimes harbor a chaotic mess, especially when it comes to the closet. At California Closets Skillman, we provide solutions to this age-old conundrum of modern living with exquisitely designed custom closets to simplify your life and enhance your home.

Discover the Advantages of California Closets Skillman

At California Closets Skillman, we know that a closet is more than just a storage space – it’s an extension of the rest of the home, and a room in itself. Start treating it with the care and attention it needs by working with California Closets Skillman to create a space that is functional and doesn’t sacrifice design. Here are ways a customized Skillman closet can improve your daily routine.

Personalized Beauty

We know that good design is important to you. That’s why Skillman closets are developed with you as one of the creative directors! Working one on one with California Closets consultants, you can select a wide variety of colors, finishes, materials, and layouts to design a closet that truly reflects your personal style.

Smart Storage

An intelligent closet utilizes every inch of space and embraces every tricky layout. Skillman closets are known for creating storage spaces that encourage proper placement of everything--deep drawers for bulky items like sweaters, sleek vertical storage for dresses and light layers and shoes organization solutions galore. Your Skillman closet will be an exercise in designated order!

Optimal Organization

Often, you set out to keep your closet organized, but find yourself tripped up by the same pitfalls time and again.  Purchasing a traditional organizational system comes with the caveat of being generic, when your closet is anything but. Skillman closets identify your personal needs and goals first, then take into account the unique layout of your closet before building an organizational system. The result is a Skillman closet that encourages you to stay organized with innovative solutions, and can adapt and evolve for years to come.

Bring Your Closet up to Speed with Skillman Closets

Don’t let your messy closet be the sticking point on creating a truly functional and efficient home. Call California Closets Skillman today to schedule a consultation, and start down the path to an exceptional closet!




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