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Welcome to California Closets Shaughnessy

From the larger projects, such as painting the exterior or adding a bathroom, to the smaller, more subtle changes, such as adding a media center or installing new shades in your bedroom, every decision we make when it comes to home design contributes to its unique charm. We all would like our homes to say a little something about us and our families, but in a world where big-box stores are throwing generic products at us from every which way, individuality has taken a back seat to convenience and quick fixes. California Closets Shaughnessy helps you achieve your vision of a unique, personalized home by offering you customizable storage products that are completely synonymous with organization and character.

California Closets Shaughnessy Highlights Your Qualities

Home For Your Belongings

Adding new closets to your home is a breeze with California Closets Shaughnessy, and unlike other storage companies, we make sure that everything you need be organized is included in the interiors of your products. If you've been hoping to add a closet to your living room for board games, books, dishware, or other items, we have a reach-in closet with your name on it. Or if you've been hoping to add some structure and a foundation to that walk-in closet that provides you with the space but lacks the organizing tools, we've got you covered on that too.

Not Just Closets Either

New closets are great, and will make a huge difference in the way your home functions right from the start, but California Closets Shaughnessy doesn't stop there when it comes to home personalization. From new entertainment centers, to home office solutions, all the way out to the garage with closet systems, back up to the spare room for Murphy beds, we've got tons of solutions that are sure to help you make the most of your precious space. Every inch matters when it comes to good organization, and we're experts in getting the most out of those nooks and crannies at California Closets Shaughnessy.

California Closets Shaughnessy: The Easiest Way To Go

We make the process of adding better organization tools to your home simple and fun at California Closets Shaughnessy. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you!




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