Aimee Barrett, Design Consultant


Western Washington

Although there are so many things about being a California Closets Design Consultant I enjoy, the most satisfying is when I speak with a client once a job is complete and they tell me how their California Closets system has improved their everyday life. It brings efficiency and organization to their home, which in turn simplifies and brings a sense of calm to their life. I personally think we can all benefit from having our environments organized in a beautiful manor.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been organizing the things around me. Little did I know that my need for a tidy and organized space would lead me to help others do the same. My clients appreciate my creativity, attention to detail, and sense of practicality. I look forward to meeting with you in your space.

Education: BA in Apparel Design

My Philosophies:
I give value first.

I enjoy helping others and I try to leave people and places with love and peace.

I strive to be the best at what I do.

I connect with people and establish deep meaningful relationships with people.

Any situation I encounter is a learning opportunity and I handle the situation in a calm relaxed manner and I carefully think about how I will respond.

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