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California Closets Savannah has been providing Savannah customers with the very best in personalized home storage solutions for over 13 years. Our reputation extends well beyond Savannah as delivering unparalleled levels of service and high quality, customized products.

View & Touch California Closets Products

You can see and feel our closet systems in our "mini showrooms," located within interior design studios on Pawley's Island and right here in Savannah. We believe that when you see California Closets products in real life, you will understand the true quality and workmanship that goes into them!

Local Ownership, Local Expertise

California Closets Savannah is led by two brothers, Tom and Steve Rogers. 

Steve explains his pride in working for California Closets: 

"It is a privilege to represent such an incredible product.  I am reminded of this on a daily basis when dealing with our customers and seeing how much our customers love the way in which we help them.  And on another level, it means being a part of a very cohesive company -- where the corporate team and the franchisee network work together.  I don’t have to look far to be inspired."

Rising to the Challenge

At California Closets, we look forward to challenges. For example, in a region so full of beautiful islands, we are often called out to install our product on an island to which there is no road. This requires a lot of logistical preparation to get all of the materials and workman to the job site via ferry.  Even when the ferry lands on the given island, we are often required to move materials to the job site with a golf cart!  We have worked through these challenges by paying close attention to detail and communicating well with our customers.  It certainly makes for an interesting day when your commute involves waves and dolphins!


Savannah & Hilton Head area