Incredible Sleep Technology: Wall Beds Santa Cruz

In the past, wall beds have had a lackluster reputation when it comes to comfort and style. Get ready to toss those ideas out the window with Santa Cruz wall beds. Experience an innovative new kind of wall bed made with revolutionary mattress technology. You’ll wonder why you didn’t implement these wall beds sooner. No matter if you want to create more space in your personal bedroom, multipurpose an existing room or need a few extra places for guests to sleep: there’s a solution with Santa Cruz wall beds.

Infinite Applications: Santa Cruz Wall Beds

Increase Your Personal Space

If space is limited, or you just want a way to increase your square footage during your waking hours, there’s no better choice than Santa Cruz wall beds. Install a wall bed that is every bit as comfortable as your current mattress and effortlessly match your structure to your existing decor. Gain access to an incredible array of colors, materials and hardware that appeal to your senses, and design a wall bed that encompasses your personal style.

Multi-Purpose Your Existing Rooms

You love your home office, but are rarely using it when friends and family come to town. Discover a whole new way to view wall beds with Santa Cruz wall beds. Experience a drawer style bed that pulls effortlessly from beneath a desk or built in area. You can also disguise your wall bed with attractive panelling when it’s not in use. There are a million and one ways to design your own Santa Cruz wall beds.

Instant Guest Accommodations

Endless driving back and forth from local hotels is the quickest way to ruin any visit. Be the amazing host you are and treat your guests with Santa Cruz wall beds. An incredibly comfortable mattress at the height of convenience is all they’ll need to completely and totally enjoy their stay with you. Get started on your Santa Cruz wall beds today.