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High quality is our standard, not an upgrade option.

California Closets has served the San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Gold Coast, Ventura County and Los Angeles areas for years. We are passionate about creating unique, high-quality designs for your home. Our top-notch design consultants and expertly trained installers all work seamlessly together to fulfill your project needs. The design process is fully collaborative and starts with you, the customer, and all levels of our company maintain good communication throughout the process in order to give you everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

We think of you as neighbors first and customers second and treat your homes as if they were our own. We're proud to live and work in this community and strive to be active participants in the culture.

Visit our design studios and begin dreaming of your ideal space. Our design consultants will work with you to envision a solution that fits your needs and is unique to your home.

Applying years of expertise and utilizing custom 3D imaging software, they will create a virtual walk-through, enabling you to “see” your solution before it exists. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to working with you.

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Meet our local team...


Nicole Kypreos, Sales and Design Manager

Nicole has been designing for California Closets in Santa Barbara since 2005, after her first experience with California Closets… as a customer!  Her experience as a client impressed upon her the value of what California Closets provides; how it changes and grows with a person’s ever evolving life.  She knows that what people really gain is time to do what they want, rather than ‘organizing’ all the time. Everything has its own space to be, keeping your home beautiful all the time.

Lindsay Gabbard, Design Consultant

When I started at California Closets in 2004, I knew I was joining a great company, but I had no idea what a joy it would be. It was only natural that when I moved from Michigan to follow my passions and heart, that I’d continue on the journey with California Closets here on the Gold Coast.

Deniece Moler, Design Consultant

Deniece has worked with California Closets for over 5 years and LOVES how her client’s feel after having their systems installed. Her clients appreciate her extreme energy and excitement for coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. One of the traits that provides Deniece so much success is her willingness to say “Let me see if I can come up with a better idea for that” if an idea doesn’t immediately present itself. She likes

Diane Weber, Design Consultant

My approach when working with a client is to connect completely with them so I can provide a stress-free space for their own peace and tranquility. 

Raquel Trujillo, Design Consultant

My desire is to understand my clients lifestyle and create a design that enables them to enjoy each and every day in their space. Two things in life I am passionate about are design and organization, so California Closets is a great fit for me. Our selection of products is fantastic, it covers from simple and functional to beautiful and extravagant. There is something for everyone, and having so many options for accessories allows us to maximize and personalize the design for each individual.

Rachel DeCamp, Design Consultant

Partnering with my clients in designing beautiful and functional systems to suit their individual needs and desires is incredibly fulfilling! This is my first year with the California Closets team. I have an AA in Interior Design and have worked on many design projects both from the ground up and remodels, before taking my roll with this company. 

Rose Elenes, Design Consultant

I firmly believe in the idea “ A place for everything and everything in its place”. My mission is to bring harmony to homes through organization.  As a working mother of two young boys I can relate to all the different organizational dilemmas. My approach is to actively listen, understand and evaluate your needs. I will work closely with you through solutions that meet both your design and budget requirements. 

Sydne Keller, Design Consultant

I joined the California Closets team late last year and enjoy working with California Closets clients, because it gives me the opportunity to meet really great people. Our client’s lead very full lives, and I love to create designs that can simplify everyday routines.

Jill La Rosa, Design Consultant

Jill approached joining the California Closets Sales and Design team because of our innovative selection of materials, design sense and their integrity. Jill has spent the last 23 years designing clothing in NYC, L.A. and Santa Barbara. She is excited to help people understand how to best organize their clothing and personal items within a newly designed space.

Lori Corona, Business Development

My passion is helping find solutions in everyday business encounters. The most satisfactory result is a client for life and I am committed to bettering this experience every day.

Installation Team

From left to right..Rick Morales, Brett Bennett, Ryan Angell, Ed Sanchez, Jonathan Yost, Ossie Sabbatella.