Wall Beds in San Francisco

Maximize the flexibility and functionality of a room with our California Closets San Francisco wall bed. This classic hidden built-in bed is great for house guests, or simply making a bedroom more functional and spacious during the day. Wall beds are a great option for expanding families, people who entertain guests often, or to make that home office or hobby room more feasible.

3 Ideas for Wall Beds

Wall beds are great for use in rooms in your San Francisco home that are not primarily used as bedrooms. Your den or home library, for instance, can be converted into a guestroom when the relatives come to visit for the holidays by simply folding out a wall bed. When they’ve packed their bags, you can fold it back into the wall and have full use of your den again!

Rather than hide wall beds behind thin doors, you can now choose decorative and functional options that turn even a folded-up wall bed into an integral, beautiful piece of furniture. Wall bed structures can double as bookshelves, drawers and even fold-down tables. All of these can be created to match the decor of your San Rafael house.
A wall bed is an effective way to maximize space in small homes and apartments in San Francisco. When they have attached shelves, wall beds can greatly increase space efficiency in smaller dwellings.

A Wall Bed From California Closets San Francisco

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