San Diego Wall Beds: Convenience Like You Won’t Believe

When you live in beautiful San Diego, everyone loves to visit. Perhaps it’s the warm and sunny weather, the bountiful beaches and parks, or maybe just the friendly local disposition: your friends and family just can’t get enough. Nothing will ruin a happy visit from guests faster than a lack of useable space. Make sure you’re never stuck in a bind, or constantly traipsing back and forth from a hotel, when you use San Diego wall beds.

For You and Your Guests: San Diego Wall Beds

Wall beds have an unfortunate reputation for being less than comfortable. However, you can throw that idea right out the window, along with your trusty inflatable mattress! When you choose San Diego wall beds, you gain a convenient and comfortable sleeping arrangement at a moments notice. San Diego wall beds utilizes California Closets revolutionary mattress technology to provide you with a soft, supportive fold-away mattress.

Storing your wall beds has also been updated. Now, you can choose from almost any option: such as horizontal, drawer-style storage or a sliding mechanism. You can always utilize the traditional fold-down method, but with a San Diego wall beds twist. Discover an incredible array of colors, finishes, materials and hardware that will customize your wall beds when they are in or out of use. Create a design that matches your existing decor, or imagine a whole new unit. No matter what you’ve got in mind, it’s all possible with San Diego wall beds.

Once you’ve made up your mind to get your very own wall bed, give California Closets a call. In no time, we will match you with a design professional who will walk you through the design process. Allow your personal designer to then coordinate your installation, and you’re done! Then you can get back to what San Diegan’s do best: enjoy time with visiting friends and family.