Our Team

Our talented design consultants (some not pictured above): Roland Gabriel, Ed Brown, Mona Ciampa, Ben Weiss, Elizabeth Henry, Jangmee Hooper, Margaret Kres, Elisa Schadmi, Laura Ochoa, Kathy Bitter, Rob Wright, Ken Beirle, Suzi Beirle, Wendi Stephens, Keating Hurd, Joanna Suero and Jonathan Avne.

Ed Brown, Design Consultant

Every home has it’s own story and personality while each design is as unique as the space where it resides. I strive to create designs that are centered on functionality and lifestyle while matching the personalities of the homeowner and the home.

Ben Weiss, Design Consultant

I am a graduate from the University of Arizona. I have been designing custom storage solutions for over thirteen years and was recognized as the International Designer of the Year in 2013 and 2006 and second in 2009, 2010, & 2011 and third in 2012 and 2008. I have been the top designer for the San Diego Franchise each year since joining the company in 2001.

Kathy Bitter, Design Consultant

I have always been passionate about organization and design, earning an advanced degree in Interior Design.  I have had the privilege of designing custom storage solutions for California Closets since 2001.  Throughout my career with California Closets, I have sold and designed over 2,000 custom storage systems for every room of the home.

Suzi Beirle, Design Consultant

One of my favorite games is Tetris. All the different falling shapes and pretty colors all needing to be fit into a small space, maximizing the amount of tiles to rack up points. The hours of playing this game have paid off! Over the years, assigning falling objects “a place” has been the number one reason people initially call and invite me into their homes. After recently downsizing homes personally, I appreciate first-hand how essential it is to maximize space and uncover and utilize hidden space you didn’t even know existed!

Mona Ciampa, Design Consultant

After many years in the Advertising and Marketing field, I decided to embark on a career change. A friend of mine who was a designer for California Closets, (and knew of my passion for the design industry), suggested that I pursue a design consultant career with California Closets. The combination of my past career experience, my love for design, and the innate need that a Virgo has to organize, I soon realized that I loved the challenge of creating customized storage solutions for my clients.

Margaret Kres, Sales & Marketing Manager

I work closely with my team to support them in serving our customers to provide the best in storage solutions and service. We strive to keep our design talents current to trends in the industry to create functional and stylish systems to help you organize and simplify your life.I have been with California Closets for about 5 years. I spent 3 ½ years as a Design Consultant and have had the pleasure of managing a fine team of Design Consultants for the last couple of years.

Elizabeth Henry, Design Consultant

When I first meet with a California Closets customer, I ask them what goals they have and what they would like to achieve with their space. Once I have heard their ideas, I work with them to create a proper storage solution for their items.The most gratifying part of my job with California Closets is when I can find the best solution for my client and provide a design that they absolutely love!

Ken Beirle, Design Consultant

Listening to my customers is my primary goal when designing spaces. Through casual conversation, I am able to develop a feel about who they are, what is important to them and what type of lifestyle they live.

Jangmee Hooper, Director of Business Development

I am very excited to join California Closets as the Director of Business Development serving San Diego’s Developers, Builders, General Contractors, Remodelers and associated trades.

Jackie Rivas, Design Consultant

As an Interior Designer, my knowledge and experience has developed my passion in form and function, which is exemplified in the designs that we will create together, by collaborating to reach the most efficient use of space planning while incorporating the importance of symmetry, balance and rhythm within your environment.At California Closets, we offer our clients a variety of design elements that exceed others in the industry. We not only provide organization, we provide a personalization to your home or workplace.

Joanna Suero, Interior Designer, Design Consultant

 Joanna recently joined the California Closets San Diego team having relocated from Florida where she honed her skills as a design consultant for the California Closets Naples franchise.  Prior to joining California Closets, she worked as a project manager and has extensive background in building and construction, product design and rooms decor renovations. 

Keating Hurd, Interior Designer, Design Consultant

My success in the building and home remodeling industry comes from having a firm grasp and understanding of space planning, and how it affects the lives of my clients.  In my 17 years in this industry, I have built over 350 homes as a residential builder, have held real estate licenses in several states and most currently, earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego.

Jonathan Avne, Design Consultant

 California Closets is pleased to welcome Jonathan back to the team! 

Claudia Hemmi, Interior Designer, Design Consultant

I always think about home as our sanctuary, our personal space where we retreat from the world. That’s why I am always looking for ways to make areas of the home more functional, organized and harmonious. To me this where we start to define our life, it starts in the places you spend most of your time or where you wish you had more time to spend.