Roswell Wall Beds Preserve Room Versatility

Everyone likes their bed to be as comfy as possible, but when you're up and attacking your day, it just manages to take up space and define the room it occupies. What if you could just make your bed disappear for the afternoon? What would you use the room for? Exercise? An office? Maybe playing some music? With Roswell wall beds from California Closets, asking yourself this question will become a daily occurrence. Tucked up and into the wall, you're left with an entire new space to explore. However you choose to use it is up to you!

A Multipurpose Tool For Homeowners Who Want More

Guest Rooms Become Usable

It's always a nice treat to have guests, and naturally, you want them to be as comfortable as possible while they are under your roof. Roswell wall beds are the perfect solution for these weeks when you're hosting, as the deployed mattresses provide sturdy, confident spots for your friends and family to rest their heads. When you've got your home to yourself, however, you can return the bed into the closet organizer that it is a part of and enjoy all of the uses that the space can offer.

Unfurled By Anybody

After a fun day of exploring town and catching up, you don't want to have to fuss with spare mattresses when you get back. Air beds take forever to inflate, and are always a threat to pop, and dragging the extra bed out of the garage is never fun. One of the many selling points of Roswell wall beds is how easy they are to set up. With our pull-down or roll-out mechanisms, your friends and family can create a bedroom for themselves in the snap of a finger.