Wall Beds Reno

Reno’s reputation as “The Biggest Little City in the World” ensures that there will always be plenty of people coming to see what all the fuss is about. Although Reno certainly has more than its fair share of hotels, it’s certainly nice to be able to offer visiting friends and family a comfortable, convenient place to stay in your home. You’ll always ready to play the gracious host at a moment’s notice with a luxurious Reno wall bed from California Closets.

Not Your Grandmother’s Wall Bed

Wall beds, or Murphy beds, have undergone quite an evolution since their introduction in the early 1900s.  Gone are the clunky contraptions of yesteryear that were difficult to operate and, in terms of comfort, not really even worth the effort.  California Closets has led the charge in creating efficient, restful, sleeping oases that open and close with ease and are a model of modern comfort.  Constructed of heavy gauge steel or strong aluminum, they are built to last, adding a noticeable element of value and convenience to your home.

Reno Wall Beds are the Right Fit

Many people are reluctant to offer up their homes as a place to stay because they feel they simply don’t have the space to comfortably accommodate their guests.  When you install a Reno wall bed, however, you don’t need a spare room, just a spare bit of space.  A California Closets specialist can show you how to fit your Reno wall bed into a wide variety of areas, even integrating them into other California Closet systems such as wardrobes and entertainment centers.

Call Today, Be Ready to Host Tomorrow

Create added value and versatility in your home without disturbing your décor or your budget.  Call California Closets for a complimentary appointment with a wall beds Reno specialist today!