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Redmond may have become synonymous with Microsoft, and has gained notoriety as the bicycle capital of the Northwest, but residents are still good old ordinary Americans. Managing warm and welcoming homes, they seek out ways to improve their dwellings. Often, residents turn to the closets of California Closets Redmond, not for software or bicycle maintenance, but for old-fashioned homemaking tools that are guaranteed to satisfy.

Redmond Closets Put Redmond on the Map

Since 1984, California Closets has been serving the Puget Sound area with the world’s leading custom closets. Our repertoire of products has grown, and we offer closets specialized for kitchens, pantries, garages, bedrooms, children’s rooms, media centers and home offices.

The company and the idea of making custom closets for everyone started in our founder’s dorm room, where he felt the need for efficient use of space to be especially acute. At the time, custom closets and furniture was a rarity—a specialty craft for aficionados. But we brought better closets to Redmond and hundreds of other communities by turning the specialty craft into a major industry.

Recognizing the importance of the home and making it more meaningful through the design of closets is what our company is all about. California Closets Redmond products are known for striking the exquisite balance of style and functionality. No trade-offs on your Redmond closets are necessary. With us, you are at the helm of your own home improvement project. We provide the support to make sure you are the world best designer. The creative powers belong to everyone, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and functionality is a matter of lifestyle and preference.

Let Us Introduce You to Your New Redmond Closets

Stop by our shop today and meet the team behind the many successes in Redmond and elsewhere. Closets have never been so exciting. You are not generic, so why stick with generic closets? Give California Closets Redmond a call today.



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