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Red Deer

Welcome to California Closets Red Deer

Located in the gorgeous aspen parkland, Red Deer is Alberta’s third most populous city, located among a region of rolling hills, with the serpentine Elk River flowing through it.  In addition to the bountiful natural beauty that surrounds them, residents of Red Deer also have a wide variety of arts and cultural events to enjoy.  It’s easy to imagine that the typical Red Deer citizen has cultivated a definitive appreciation of aesthetics that no doubt informs what they require of their home life.  The home must be attractive and functional, including the closets, typically the most significant areas for storage.  And that’s why Red Deer homeowners turn to closets made by California Closets Red Deer, the leader in custom closets with thirty years of experience delighting customers.

Isn’t Custom Better?

"Choosing custom-designed Red Deer closets demonstrate a commitment to utility, efficiency and style. The typical custom closet owner did not immediately understand that closets designed to meet their needs and way of life was necessary for them.  Perhaps like you they first had to have the experience struggling with trying to make enough room to store what they wanted in their traditional one-size-fits-all closets.  Perhaps, after years of trying to find what they want when they want it, California Closets Red Deer customers finally called us and got their customized Red Deer closets.

Doesn’t Clutter-Free Make More Sense?

With a closet system made by California Closets Red Deer, maintaining organized, clutter-free closets will be simple and natural.  Our closet designs are made to fit your way of using your things, so that retrieving and returning what’s stored in your Red Deer closets become second nature.  All of your possessions will always be in their proper place, and you’ll always know where they are."

Enjoy A Clutter-Free Life Now With California Closets Red Deer

One of our designers is but a phone call away.  Call us today to learn about how Red Deer closets can make your life clutter-free and easy.

Red Deer



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