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With its storied history of innovation; of research; a true foundation of the country as we know it--Princeton demonstrates progress. While some know it simply as a college town, it wears many hats, and the varied and vast interests, lifestyles and hobbies of its residents complement this. As Princeton folks know better than most, it pays to take the extra step and seek out the perfect solution for maximum results.

California Closets Princeton follows this principle, and has ridden the success of the creative collaboration process between customer and design expert to the top of the storage industry. With our knowledge and advice, and your familiarity with the needs of your home and lifestyle, we can build custom closets that will enhance your home on both functional and aesthetic levels.

Trail-Blazing Princeton Closets

With its many different industries and lifestyles, residents of Princeton require something with their own spin on it. With California Closets Princeton units, your influence is felt in every aspect.

Size-Specific Solutions

California Closets is well-versed in any size or style of closet, and we're confident that we can find the perfect solution to solve the puzzle that is your home's storage needs. If you have a bedroom nook that you feel isn't being used efficiently, consider turning it into an accessory-filled walk-in closet. Take advantage of vertical space with elevated shelves and hanger rods, while organizing things at the ground level, like shoes and other items, with cubbies, drawers, or racks.

College Dorms Or Storing Bedrooms

The founder of California Closets developed his interest in efficient storage while living in a college dorm. Conversely, today, as kids go off to college, it can be difficult to figure out just where to store those items that won't be used for the majority of the year.

Consider adding a California Closets Princeton reach-in unit into a bedroom or hallway. Given that you have final edit when it comes to the size and specific uses of your product, you can decide just what you think your college student will like to keep for those winter breaks at home. This will keep your home feeling neat, tidy, and efficient.

Princeton Closets For Creative Control

Whatever the need, California Closets Princeton is ready to get to work. Come in and look at our line of products, or flip through our inspiration gallery online to see how others across the country have transformed their homes. Call today for a free consultation.



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