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Port Alberni is among the most ethnically diverse areas in Canada. Despite that diversity, there is one commonality that nearly all homeowners in Port Alberni share – the need for better closet design.  Yes, from the largest to the smallest homes, they all typically lack sufficient closet space.  And although that’s largely true, often the single biggest reason for lack of space is not the size of the closets themselves, but how they’re configured.  For more than thirty years, California Closets Port Alberni has been delighting thousands of customers by optimizing their closets with customized closets.

Better Space Rather Than More Space

The first thing you may think of when looking at your cluttered and disorganized closets is, if they were larger your closet problems would be solved.  But without a systemized approach, just getting more space may result in more things being piled upon each other in that larger space.  What you need instead is an assessment of how you use your closets, and a tally of all the things you want stored there. When you work with California Closets Port Alberni, a Designer will come to your home and learn from you how you ideally wish to use your Port Alberni closets, and how you want them to look.

Port Alberni Closets Designed For You

Perhaps you prefer a rack and hang system to a stacking system. Or maybe you’d like inset cabinets with many drawers to separate your things.  The colour, textures and materials may be of paramount importance to you, particularly if you want to match a specific design element of your home. Our experience clearly suggests that how you configure your closets with a particular system that works for you is as important, and sometimes more, than the size of Port Alberni closets.

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Once you speak to a California Closets Port Alberni Designer, you’ll quickly come to agree that Port Alberni closets can be shaped and made to serve your closet needs.  Call us for a free consultation at no obligation to you!

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