Custom Cabinets Palmer

The motto of the city of Palmer is Alaska at Its Best. At California Closets we hope to help you live up to such a high standard by doing our part. The custom cabinets we craft for Palmer homeowners are stylish, efficient and high quality.

Crafting Custom Cabinets for Palmer

We excel in smart and elegant storage solutions, and here is why:


By visiting the California Closets showroom, or browsing through our website, you can see what designer custom cabinets look like. Palmer residents usually choose traditional, wood trimmed, olive colored designs, which is an elegant choice that goes well with the natural surroundings of the city. Our designers win awards for creating timeless, classic styles with a modern twist.

Storage Efficiency

Custom storage is just as much about style as it is about efficiency. Efficiency is about making space where there was none before. Our designers can conquer any awkward angles, build into nooks and crannies, and stack up to high ceilings, eliminating all dead space. Every square inch of storage space saved is a square inch for you to live in. 

High Quality

In addition to stylish designs, and optimized storage configurations, the custom cabinets we make for Palmer home are known for their high quality. In a small city surrounded by wilderness having a home that is built well, is of paramount importance. The same applies to the home’s interior. You want a storage system that will last you forever. 

Custom Cabinets Palmer Depends On

You live in Alaska because you are independent. You appreciate when things work well. The custom cabinets from California Closets Palmer are the only home storage solutions that match the character of an Alaskan.