Ottawa Closet Design - Timing counts for something!

One of the question people always ask us when they come into our showroom is “what is the timeframe for my custom Ottawa closet design to be installed by?” Many people assume the answer is between two to six months – which is generally the case in our industry. Our Ottawa showroom staff always look forward to the surprised look on our customers’ face when they ask: “When do you need it by?”

At California Closets, we know that the dream of an installed Ottawa closet design in your home starts as soon as you cross the threshold of our showroom and so we work hard to serve you with delays that make our two to four week production period a dream come true!

Because we make everything in house we have been able to guarantee our outstanding delays since our opening in 1979. In order to deliver this level of quality in a timely fashion, we design, build, and install each unit in house. The bulk of our products and materials come from Quebec where our production office is located. All our solutions are made at California Closets especially for you; this is the reason why we are able to guarantee the quality of your Ottawa custom closet design for life.

We all have lives that are full to the brim with activities and our goal at California Closets is to support you in improving the quality of your life by helping you better organize your home. Our ability to install your custom Ottawa closet design in record time is what makes us the foremost Ottawa closet design provider.

Is It Time For Your Ottawa Closet Design?

Call our Ottawa showroom at 613-725-2666 to make an appointment with one of our highly trained designer and start the journey with us… It will be just a wink before you enjoy your new Ottawa closet design in the beauty of your own home.