Ontario Pantry Organization

The benefits of good pantry organization are enormous! It will help save you money, as you won't buy unnecessary items just because you can't find them. It can save you time, as the items you need will be easy to find. It will also save food, as the food items that need to be consumed soon can be easily accessible so they are not out of sight and going to waste. But the pantry space in many Ontario homes is often strange shaped. It might be long, thin, deep, curved, and depending on the size of your home they might often be located in unconventional areas like under a staircase.

Panrty Organization Ontario: 3 handy tips to help you make the most of your Pantry space.

Pantry organization is easier than you think. It really is just about sorting your pantry organically to fit your needs. You can make the most of any space by adhering to a few fundamental rules. Here are some tips from California Closets Ontario to set you on track for effective pantry organization.

1. Group Like-Items together.

Grouping like-items together is important to ensure good visibility in your pantry. Even though you might not see the exact item you are looking for, if you can see like-items in a specific area it will help to find things quickly and easily. Visibility is key to any storage space in your home. Common groups of like-items you will find in a pantry are snacks, breakfast items, condiments, candy items, spices, seasoning, cooking oil, and baking goods.

2. Create Zones.

Creating zones is really about you personalizing your pantry space. What is the most logical place for you to put your items? What items do you use most and which ones are occasional? Think about ‘prime real estate’ in your pantry. The items you use on a daily basis are those you want be within arms reach in your pantry (this is often snacks, breakfast foods). Your less frequently used items you should store up high in your pantry (these might be things like decorative vases or appliances that are only occasionally used).

3. Use containers.

Containers can help to establish zones and keep your like-items together. You can colour code your lids for different zones. You can also use labels on your containers. You might have airtight containers for your snack zone; mason jars in baskets or small bins for a baking zone; cereal containers for a breakfast zone.

California Closets Ontario has an excellent range of storage solutions to fit any home pantry no matter how small or unconventional the space. You can even have one of the in-store designers create a customized pantry specifically for your kitchen. Stop by and see the many pantry organization options available today.