Ontario Garage Storage

Is your garage cluttered with piles of unidentifiable items? Are you like 50% of North Americans who say their garage is the most disorganized space in their home? It's no secrect that garage organization is tricky. If you look at other spaces in your Ontario home such as your work desk or kitchen pantry - you likely find you have organically organized your items, placing the most frequently used items front and center where they are easiest to access, and items that are infrequently used further away. For most Ontario residents it is natural to organize spaces like this because it is intuitive and efficient. But garage storage present problems that are not as easy to solve because of the sizes, shapes and nature of the items you store there.

Garage Storage Ontario: Some expert tips to help you organize your garage.

It's time to sort those piles and organize your garage. Here are some tips from California Closets Ontario to help you make your garage functional, accesible and organized.

1. Sort through the piles. Have a look through your garage and start to sort your items into categories. Some category examples might be luggage, sporting gear, camping equipment, automotive items, holiday decorations, and gardening equipment.

2. You will also likely have a large pile of things you hardly use. Getting rid of unnessesary items is important. Consider having a garage sale, or donating them to your nearest Goodwill. Some items will just be destined for the trash can. Create a trash pile and a donation pile.

3. Now that your items are sorted into groups think about the storage options for them. Smaller items can be placed in boxes with labels. Larger items might not fit into boxes, but still need to be grouped with the other items in their category.

4. Now think about your garage layout. Items like the recycling bin should be kept near the entrance so it’s easy to access when you need to take it out. Cleaning products should be strategically placed in an accessible spot. Machinary like a lawn mower should have a clear path to be easily wheeled out. Store commonly used items close, and things you don’t use often further away. All your items should be accessible so you don't have to pull everything out to get to it.

5. Consider garage storage solutions from California Closets Ontario. They have an amazing range of garage storage options that can be customized to suit any garage space and any sized storage item. Stop by the Ontario store today and let one of the friendly designers take you through the best ways to make the most of every inch of your garage storage space.