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Old Saybrook

Is there anything greater than digging through your Mom’s closet and finding incredible vintage clothes? At California Closets Old Saybrook, we think not. As everyone knows, fashion tends to move in cycles. Though people are currently wearing skinny jeans, soon enough the fashion pendulum will swing back, and people will once again favor flairs.

There is nothing quite so frustrating as re-buying styles you got rid of mere months ago. We suggest that instead of getting rid of last season’s pieces, save them. If this suggestion makes you shudder at the thought of using up any more precious closet space, let California Closets Old Saybrook allay your fears.

Old Saybrook Closets To Achieve Full Potential

If you ever find yourself digging through deep piles of clothes week after week just to wear the same few items as if it were a uniform, let Old Saybrook Closets make your morning routine just a little bit less stressful. Be honest with yourself -- even if you’d like to wear more of the pieces in your wardrobe, separate the items you wear on a weekly basis from those that you wear only occasionally.

Most importantly, set aside the clothes that are hopelessly out of style at the moment to store them safely, and wait for them to come back into fashion. Even if you don’t end up wearing them again, we’re guessing your daughter will thank us years later when she discovers that one of your old dresses is just the perfect vintage piece to wear to prom.

Feature What You Use, Store What You Don't

With a custom closet design from Old Saybrook Closets getting dressed will no longer be a stressful dig through piles of disorganized clothes. We’ll work with you to store your clothes based on how often you use them in a beautiful closet space that will not only keep your frequently worn items accessible and wrinkle free, but also keep your less worn items safe from the ravages of time.

Old Saybrook


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