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At the heart of California Closets is our philosophy of customization. Experience has taught us that no two customers are the same. Especially when it comes to finding personalized solutions to organization challenges. California Closets Design Consultants are trained to provide you with a distinct and unique storage design that embraces your belongings and the way you use your living spaces.
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Bob Holcomb, Design Consultant

Whether it’s a crowded, inefficient closet, a dysfunctional home office, or a stuffed-to-the-gills garage, Bob Holcomb relishes a design challenge.At a complimentary in-home consultation, he’ll use California Closets' proprietary CAD program to tailor a personalized solution that marries beauty and functionality.  3-D renderings of the project allow Design Consultants and customers to plan the project together, visualizing color, shape, and design details from all angles.

Evie Macfarlane, Design Consultant

I have been a designer with California Closets for 10 years and it’s been fun. I really enjoy meeting my clients and coming up with a design that fits not only their space but how they live. I ask a lot of questions and pay attention to details, many of my clients commented on my patience.Working with our cad program really gives the client a true sense of what their closet, office, garage or unique space will look like. We have a great product, and also great installers.

Joni Lorber, Design Consultant

From a background in interior design and many years in bed, bath and kitchen remodelling, I admire the organizational solutions and design flexibility offered by California Closets. After several years of designing with California Closets in the Bay Area, I love the diversity not only of the closets I design, but of the people who’s homes are my office and canvas. My passion is first listening to and understanding the needs of my clients, then working together with them to create a vision in reality.

Monika Kerstens, Design Consultant

With my European background and having lived in London, New York, Chicago and San Francisco over the past ten years, there is one thing I can say - I really had to learn how to organize the available space and squeeze every inch out of it in the most efficient way, within aesthetic constraints. After having obtained a Masters Degree in Law, I decided to pursue my true passion and enter the design world. In 2000 I designed my first furniture, which reflected very contemporary streamlined European design trends.

Abbe Miller, Design Consultant

When I work with customers, my goals are very straightforward: Create simple and effective organization solutions that make people happy.The key to a successful design consultation is listening. I enjoy meeting new customers and hearing what they have to say about their homes, their spaces, their lifestyles, and their aspirations in order to blend all of the elements together to create a storage solution that will fit perfectly.

Caren Antone, Design Consultant

I have been a design consultant with California Closets for over five years. One of my biggest strengths is my ability to understand a client’s needs, lifestyle, and values. After listening to what a customer wants, I can combine this information with creativity and experience to craft an ideal storage solution.

Sarah Winge, Design Consultant

I love meeting my clients and knowing that every day is a different challenge as no two spaces are alike. Being able to talk with my clients to learn about their specific needs allows me to customize a space that is unique to their home and lifestyle.Creating an organized space, whether it is your closet, home office, or even garage can allow you to move through your daily life with ease. I strongly believe that an organized space can create a sense of calm in our ever-changing, busy lives.

Steve Rothgery, Design Consultant

Complexity is the enemy of efficiency! I approach storage and organization as an engineering problem. I strive to find the most efficient and targeted solution possible, focusing on what is both practical and appropriate given the space and the client’s needs.

Donna Guidice, Design Consultant

I love to get to know my clients. Often I find a common connection which makes for a great working relationship.As an Interior Designer, I must be in tune with my client's needs and desires. It is my job to create a sacred space for my client that resonates with and clearly expresses who they are. My organizational and creative skills help make this a fluid process and ease away the stress that comes with remodeling, building, or furnishing a home. I look forward to making the journey with them.I was an interior designer for eight years before joining the team in 2010.

Alison Kautz, Design Consultant

Who doesn’t like a before and after? A good, old-fashioned make-over is just one way to set the refresh button on life. Taking the lead from my clients and their objectives, I incorporate my love of aesthetic, order, and nature to develop a well-edited design and a welcoming, organized space for living.

Kenny Moss, Design Consultant

I have been in the customer service business my entire career, with the last 8 1/2 years spent working for California Closets. Working for the leader in the industry, having the visual computer design system we use, and offering our clients a Lifetime Warranty make me proud to represent California Closets.

Nancy Hall, Design Consultant

My job is to always listen to customers with an open mind and fresh ideas.When I joined the company in 2004. I was trained thoroughly by California Closets and the training never stops - California Closets’ commitment to growth and efficiency means systems get updated and upgraded as new technologies develop and evolve.

Sheree Page, Design Consultant

The most important thing I do when I meet with a customer is to ask questions and discover their vision of an organized space and an organized life. This collaborative process helps me create a custom solution that realizes that vision.

Jessica Ballesteros, Design Consultant

The California Closets Experience, in my mind, is always about the customer. I listen to every client’s needs, because that is the only way I can deliver the best customer service.  Once we know where we are going, it's easy to find the path.As a Design Consultant for California Closets, the best part of my day is providing solutions for my clients that simplify their lives. It is so gratifying to help and bring a smile to their faces.  When a customer sees their new storage solution and understands how their life will change for the better, their happiness is palpable.

Cygridh Rooney, Design Consultant

I love simplifying peoples’ lives by creating beautiful and long lasting solutions that have a positive impact in their daily lives. An organized life is paramount to the success of us all. By creating organized spaces that also have a great aesthetic, we can only add to our daily sense of well being.Communication with my clients is key. Listening to my clients’ needs allows me to create custom solutions that fit their lifestyles.

Bianca Betancourt, Design Consultant

The most essential part of creating a beautiful space is to develop a true connection and relationship with my client. It is extremely important to me that I grasp a clear understanding of my clients wants, needs, and goals. Every client has a different life-style, personality, and design preference, it is my job to distinguish and deliver.

Nadia Moore, Design Consultant

My philosophy when working with my clients is to always listen and make sure I understand their needs and wants. I believe in collaborating with my clients in designing a beautiful and personalized space they will love that essentially simplifies their lives.I have always had a passion for design. I believe that being surrounded by great design increases the quality and functionality of one’s life. I took my expertise to a new level when I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design.

Sheri Eckard, Design Consultant

I am well versed in working with our custom computer program that is able to provide each client with their own 3D rendering of their storage space.I appreciate that every client and their needs are unique and that allows me to use my experience and creativity to work with them to create a space that is as unique as they are.I love all of the accessories that we have available for our closets and pantries. They make life a little easier and enhance an already great product.

Meghan Sharp, Design Consultant

 I believe that it is a privilege to be asked into a customer's home. I value their time, respect their space, ask a lot of questions, and listen to their needs. I want to deliver exactly the space they have in mind.

Katy Milton, Design Consultant

My design philosophy stresses form and function in solutions that will work today, tomorrow and in twenty years. Life is dynamic and ever-changing and your storage solutions should reflect that. I believe simplifying the chaos of your surroundings will simplify your life.

Melody Enella, Design Consultant

A truly great design is timeless while incorporating current trends and the latest in materials, but always striving to achieve the most proven aspect of design: balance.

Suzanne Pequignot, Design Consultant

I truly believe in California Closets motto, “Simplifying home and life”. Uncomplicated spaces and lifestyles allow us to really enjoy our lives. As a designer, my passion is to transform regular spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing ones.

Dave Hogan, Design Consultant

Since 2006 I have been helping people in the home improvement industry. I enjoy building a relationship with each and every one of my clients.  This allows me the opportunity to better understand my client's needs, likes, and dislikes, which is essential in creating a clients new space. My favorite part about my job as a Design Consultant is that I am able to use my experience as a Designer and the tools California Closets provides me with to help my clients create a new space both in function and style.