Acrylic Jewelry Tray

Acrylic jewelry tray.  Can be used alone or placed on top of black velvet jewelry insert.

18" Wide: $45  (Actual width:  15 15/16")  Has 21 individual square compartments.

24" Wide (shown): $45  (Actual width:  21 15/16")  Has 27 individual square compartments.

30" Wide: $45  (Actual width:  27 15/16")  Has 39 individual square compartments.

All trays are 5 15/16" deep and 1 1/8" tall and interior bottom of tray is lined in black velvet.

Perfect for organizing small jewelry items such as earrings and rings.

To order, Call 952.844.0004 or Email:  Payment taken at time of ordering.

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