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New Vernon

The idea behind customized closets is simple: each individual leads a unique life and has his or her own needs. At California Closets, we foster individuality by letting you mold your own closets. New Vernon is a proud community and is known for its beautiful households. Residents enjoy quality and closets are no exception.

New Vernon Closets Make a Statement

There are many reasons to invest in some specialized New Vernon Closets. Whether your family has grown recently, or you have acquired a new outdoor hobby, you would like to keep storage space under control. Eliminating the clutter has always been a hallmark of our company, since we have built our success on transforming homes into orderly environments.

What should also be emphasized is the extent to which we take style seriously. Our designers lead the industry in innovation and have always set the trends that reverberate throughout the market. A lot of our awards and recognitions originate in, however, the work of our customers. By making closets so customizable we essentially delegate you as your own designer, free to choose the details, the textures and the accents your prefer. User-friendly systems help residents in New Vernon and elsewhere take their home improvement projects into their own hands.

The way many of our closets are designed allows you to use your closet as a display for your personality and lifestyle. New Vernon closets are not meant to hide, but to exhibit, because that wardrobe of yours is truly fantastic. Let your new set of closets punctuate the room.

New Vernon Closets Are Around the Corner

We have been serving the New Vernon area for over 25 years, and our tradition of building the best closets on earth continues. If you are a newcomer, all you have to do is schedule a design consultation with our experts through this website.

New Vernon



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