Select Your Finish

California Closets proudly shares its unique color palette composed of various textures and shades of finishes from around the world. From our classic finishes, to our deep textured imported finishes from Italy, we provide a broad range of options to meet the needs of all clientele.

Our Classic Line

Our base colors can be used as an entire closet system or as a base to layer on compliments or accents.

Classic Finishes

Our Lago Line

The Lago collection is defined by Italian inspired materials with rich finishes and unique wood grains, as well as exceptional craftsmanship. This combination results in a European inspired line of color finishes that proudly continues California Closets' tradition of quality and product breadth. Lago's unique grain texture and colors provide the look, texture and quality of real wood veneer. 

Lago Finishes

Our Tesoro Line

The Tesoro Collection of finishes is imported from Italy and sets a new benchmark in home decor. This high end line is exclusive to California Closets. Rich wood textures evoke the stunning dynamics of the fashion industry with a play of deep textures and intriguing color contrasts. 

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