Carmin Francisco , Design Consultant

Organization has always been a part of my life. When I was a child, I could spend many hours rearranging my Barbie’s clothing and shoes or helping my mom to stack the Tupperware containers in a better way. It’s a stress reliever for me. My college career did not prepare me for custom storage but it did show me the importance of personalizing my designs for each client.

I came to the custom storage industry after trying my hand at being a professional organizer. Most people were able to sort through their belongings and simply wanted more shelving. I am good with tools but I didn’t want to be the expert installer. In February of 2007, I went in search of a company that could fulfill my clients’ needs in Minneapolis, MN, and found a company "like" California Closets. It was there that I learned the basics of smart custom storage design. I loved my job and found the challenges to be energizing to me. When my family needed to move to Atlanta due to my husband’s career in 2009, I took a slight break from working to get my family settled into our new community.

When I went looking for a job in Atlanta, I went first to California Closets. I wanted to work for the industry leader and have a national company to support my efforts. At my interview, it was very evident that I needed to join the West Atlanta franchise. Since that day, I have been traveling around the metro creating smart, beautiful California Closets. I look forward to each appointment to share my enthusiasm for storage with my clients. I promise to listen to your storage needs, create fresh designs and be responsive to your requests throughout your design experience with California Closets. I love working with the West Atlanta team and I look forward to sharing our expertise with you.