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It’s time to be candid about your storage situation. On the list of words you would use in describing it, how high up does “system” appear? If you’re like most people, it probably doesn’t even make the top 100. That’s precisely what a closet needs, however, to reach its full potential. Improve your closet, improve your life, with Morgan Creek closet systems from California Closets.

Generic Closets Don’t Work

Most closets simply aren’t equipped to meet the ever-growing, ever-changing demands of their owners.  The cookie-cutter design of a hanging rod and some generic shelving is woefully inadequate when it comes to attractively and intelligently displaying your wardrobe and belongings.  A Morgan Creek closet system looks to change all that.  Designed with your needs and requirements in mind, this is a closet system created to consider your unique lifestyle and offer storage solutions best-suited to accommodate it.

Your Closet, Your Way

Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast, a world traveller or just a fan of fashion, there is probably a very specific way you would prefer your clothes be arranged.  Perhaps you want things colour-coded or accessible seasonally; perhaps you have loads of accessories that you need to be able to locate easily or perhaps your hobby dictates that you store a lot of oversized gear and equipment.  Whatever your demands, California Closets will help find a storage solution that satisfies you.  Using top-grade materials and innovative storage techniques developed over the past 30 years, California Closets has a deserved reputation as the industry leader in customized closet systems.

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