Live the Organized Life with Modesto Closet Organizers

It makes sense that a cramped closet can be difficult to keep organized, but even large walk-in closets need a little help. California Closets Modesto is the Central Valley’s leading designer and manufacturer of custom closet organizers, and we're proud of the difference we bring to homes just like yours. Our closet organizers are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are designed by our closet experts to give you a leg up in the fight against clutter. If you've been struggling to find a solution to the age old problem of keeping your home tidy, look no further than our closet organizers. Below, our team of professional closet organizers shares a few reasons why custom closet organizers and other personalized storage systems can make it easier to stay organized at home.

Closet Organizers Are Here to Help

Small closets prevent the obvious problem of not having enough space to store all of the items you need them too, and large closets seem to invite you to just leave clothes and other items piled on the floor or thrown carelessly on a shelf. The real magic behind closet organizers is how they allow you to give purpose to every inch of your closet. Don't have enough space to store all of your clothes? Multiple clothing racks and hanging shoe organizers can solve that problem. Have a lot of shelf space but can't figure out how to make the best use of it? Dividers and custom-sized storage bins can turn that shelf into an organized space to store accessories, folded linen, and electronics. If you live in a small home or apartment and need to make the most of one closet, these closet organizers are the best way to get the most out of your closet.

Here in Modesto, we're fortunate to live so close to one of the most beautiful places on the planet: Yosemite National Park. If you enjoy taking advantage of the hiking and camping opportunities in Yosemite, you need a place to store all of your outdoor gear that won't get in the way of everything else. Storing a tent and camping gear in the attic does indeed keep these things out of the way, but it makes it an adventure in and of itself just to get them out! Using closet organizers in a garage closet or hallway closet will allow you to set aside some space to store your outdoor equipment in a way that keeps it out of the way when you're not using it, but easily accessible when you're ready to head into the great outdoors.

While we could never say anything bad about Yosemite, there's only one place that beats it when it comes to going for a swim or going boating: Lake Tahoe. Only a few hours' drive from Modesto, Lake Tahoe makes a great weekend trip if you're looking to get out of town and relax by the shore or on a boat. Boating equipment and everything else you need to enjoy the lake can take up a ton of space and is also rather unsightly — use closet organizers and other home storage products to create the perfect place to store all of your equipment in a garage or hallway closet.

If you have children, you know just how hard it can be to teach them to clean up after themselves. Personalized closet organizers can serve the dual purpose of making a child’s room a cheerier place and making it easier to keep their room clean — whether you're doing the tidying or your child is. Bright colors and easily accessible shelves make children more comfortable with their own closets while custom toy bins and built-in hampers make sure that everything has a place. Teaching your child the many benefits of organization at a young age makes parenting easy for you, and also gives your child an early start on mastering the skill of staying organized!

Ultimately, even the most organized and well-designed closet won't be completely satisfying unless it looks great in your home. Our closet organizers are available in a wide variety of different colors, materials, and styles to ensure that you can create a closet that helps you stay organized and looks fantastic doing it.

Custom Closet Organizers by California Closets Modesto

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