Custom Closets Loudonville

California Closets is known for encouraging its customers to design closets based on their own preferences. We believe that by making their own customized decisions, customers will appreciate their creations more than if they bought a generic closet out of the store.

Loudonville Custom Closets Caters to Your Every Need

Loudonville’s custom closets are designed to fit your needs. When thinking about what those needs might be, consider the following design options:

1) To fold or to hang?

If you have the space for it, it is a good idea to start thinking about how much space to allocate for hanging garments like long coats and dresses. California Closets can even customize the length of the hanging section to include shorter hanging items such as skirts and shirts.

2) Storage

When building your closet, it is important to allocate space for storing certain items. One way to store clothing is by leaving about a foot of space between the shelf and the ceiling. This will give you plenty of space above your custom closet to stow away items that are seldom used.

3) Sizes for drawers and shelves

There’s nothing like trying to stuff bulky sweaters into a shallow drawer. Therefore, California Closets provides you with the options of choosing the exact size drawers and shelving that are sized for the clothes going in them. Deep drawers are perfect for heavy items like sweaters and knits, and tend to swallow up items such as shirts or socks. Conversely, shallow drawers are perfect for smaller items and accessories.

Consider All Custom Options

These are only a few things to consider when designing your closet. When designing a custom closet, there are many different options to consider. The end result, however, will greatly increase the function and form of your closet. The Loudonville custom closets will cater to your every need!