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Local residents have relied on us at California Closets Litchfield for all their smart storage needs for almost three decades. We never stop innovating, offering you the most advanced closets on the market. For those of you who are new, here is an introduction into our custom design process.

Design Your Own Closets Litchfield

The first step in transforming your home storage capacity is making a simple phone call or filling out a form on our website to schedule a complimentary consultation with our experts. Any room in your Litchfield home could use closets—we have products specialized for every room including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage and more!

At your initial appointment with our designers we will help you determine the scope and objective of the project. The important questions to ask are, how is the current storage falling short and what are your evolving needs for the future?

We will look at the wall capacity, measure the dimensions and determine potential for hanging, shelving and all types of storage. Together we will create parameters according to your desire and specifications.

The next is everyone’s favorite! Our professionals use a computer program to render a three dimensional model of your Litchfield closets allowing you do a virtual walk through of the space. Even better—you have the ability to modify the design in all of its elements as you go. No plan will be finalized until you are satisfied with the details and the overall feel of the product.

You Are Almost Ready for Your Litchfield Closets

With the plans finalized, the manufacturing takes only a short while. Then installation of the closets in your Litchfield home takes less than a day! We bet you cannot wait to get started, so get in touch and let us show you your future home!




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