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Between master bedroom towels, guest towels, towels for the kids’ rooms, winter duvets, summer sheets, and everything in between, linens proliferate and demand real estate. And of course, a high premium is placed on keeping these linens clean and unwrinkled so they may be pulled out at a moment’s notice with little fuss.  

While you may have a dedicated linen closet in your hallway or a linen cabinet in your bathroom, most people find themselves struggling to keep linens accessible and convenient. By maximizing existing linen storage space, you can keep towels, sheets, and tablecloths presentable and organized. 

It’s quite likely that the shelving in your current linen closet was not designed with your specific needs in mind. Designing new shelving that takes your day-to-day, as well as long-term, linen storage needs into account ensures you maximize every inch of space. 

Accessory options for organization abound:

  • Wire basket storage shelves will keep your linens ventilated as though they’ve just been pulled from the dryer. 
  • Racks to hang fine linens protect heirloom textiles from the damage of remaining folded between uses.
  • Cubbies of specific dimensions keep unruly items such as heavier duvets contained, thereby creating more space for additional items.

We encourage you to visit your local California Closets showroom to see linen storage solutions on display. One of our talented designers would be happy to take you through further options to maximize the linen closet space in your home.


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