Cherie Young, Design Consultant

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I love my job! California Closets allows me to meet wonderful people and help bring their dreams of the perfect space to life. Designing a functional and beautiful space that’s well organized improves their efficiency. I hear all the time from clients how much this means to them in their busy lives 

My clients cherish their homes but want more room for their “stuff.”  Often, we find opportunities, not just in the master bedroom, but also for a “mudroom” or more organization in their pantry, their garage, or other spaces.  By working together, we can get creative and solve problems they hadn’t recognized.   

It’s very rewarding being more to a client than just a sales person. I’ve made many friends with whom I’m sure I’ll have long and lasting relationships, helping them with solutions for their “growing pains,” as their children grow and as their needs evolve. 

I listen and understand my clients “hot spots” – those aggravating things like “no place for my shoes,” or “my sweaters are stacked 10 deep and always fall or look a mess!”  The good news is that most closets I see have lots of potential, especially the ones with the wire shelves (which are sometimes sitting on the floor or falling out of the wall).  We make a great team because the folks at California Closets work together providing excellent product and customer service. My customers love the way they feel with a California Closet; calmer, special and elegant. Let me make your perfect space dreams come true for you! 

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